Transparent DNS proxy

We would like to optimise our DNS traffic. For that to work we need a transparent DNS proxy, as we cannot force the end-users to use our DNS server. There are quite a few articles to be found on setting up a transparent Squid proxy. And there is also mention of setting up a transparent DNS proxy using unbound on Linux. Reading those articles this seems to be rather straightforward. Continue reading Transparent DNS proxy

Convert (lat,lon) to city close-by

Using the GeoNames database we can create a tool that provides the city closest to a given latitude, longitude. geonamesHere you find a script including documentation to create and query a mysql table. It also includes the cities15000.txt file downloaded from GeoNames (it is licenses under the Creative Commons License 3.0). Continue reading Convert (lat,lon) to city close-by

Tunnelling rdesktop through SOCKS

Case: I’d like to connect via RDP to a Windows host behind a closed network. But I don’t want to route all traffic through the SOCKS proxy, so configuring the SOCKS proxy in the Mac OS X network settings is a no-go for me. I need to proxy rdesktop through the SOCKS proxy on localhost in a different way. Unfortunately rdesktop does not support SOCKS itself (CoRD does, but only via the Mac OS X network settings). Continue reading Tunnelling rdesktop through SOCKS